Gate Radio Pro v 6.0

Radio Junior and W-UNE 24/24 is broadcasting on the Web using Gate Radio Pro. Take a look at it!

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Gate Radio Pro is an automatic broadcasting software which runs under windows 95/98/2000/XP/Vista.It has been specially designed for radios and companies that need to broadcast music all over the days and the nights.

The new 6.0 version is available

1- Audio file types - Hardware Requirements

Gate Radio Pro is able to play Wav PCM / ADPCM / Mpeg Layer 3 & Mp3 sound files. The following information contains screen prints of the software. A demo CD-ROM is available. You can ask it through e-mail giving me your address or directly downloading it. Minimum hardware requirements: PC with  Pentium 400Mhz CPU - 64 Mo Ram - Good sound card - Windows 95-98 or 2000 (Works very well under Windows 2000)

2- Gate Edit

To be able to use the software, it is necessary to start by preparing the cards music with GateEdit which is connected with the MyRadio.mdb base


System auto-start/stop --- managing hour pips and satellite connection Setting up fades (in/out) and jingles number

Defining the priority of the spots/news

Hour end optimization before Hour pip