From now on it is possible to create a 4 hours length radio program in less than an hour with the Voice Track complement

Do a playlist and select the song you want to work with. The dialog box shown above should appear. Connect your microphone on the sound input and push the play button to ear the end of the song and its linking with the next song. As soon as you know what to say hit the record button to record your voice. The stop button is used to stop recording. It's done! You can test your work with the Test Voice Track button and, if you find your work good just save it with the save button, but if you don't do it as much as you want until you feel it as you want.

There are two working modes : the on-print mode and the cut mode. The cut mode is an insertion between two songs with out point  customizing, the other mode is an on-print broadcasting of your voice.

The powerful Voice Track option is now available for Gate Radio Pro Export 6.0 version. Download the Gate Radio Pro demo to test it.